Meet the Team

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Kumanan Wilson


An internal medicine physician, scientist and expert in digital health, Dr. Wilson is an internationally, widely published expert in public health and immunization and the founder of the CANImmunize project.  Currently funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organization Dr. Wilson’s vision is to use technology to solve public health problems.

Chief Operating Officer

Katherine Atkinson

BSc, PhD (cand).

Katherine has worked with the CANmmunize project since its inception.  A passionate believer in the power of digital technology Katherine is a published expert in mobile technology and immunization. Katherine is currently a PhD candidate at Karolinska Institutet where she is learning how to improve immunization systems with digital technology.

Chief Technology Officer

Cameron Bell


Cameron is responsible for developing the original versions of CANImmunize (ImmunizeON/ImmunizeCA) and has been the architect of the project ever since. Cameron is a leading expert in immunization systems and built the Canadian Vaccine Catalogue.

Jordan Gignac

Software Engineer

Taylor Rubens, MPH

Lead, CANImmunize Labs

Rayhan Moidu

Software Developer

Pascal Thibeault

In-House Counsel & Privacy Officer