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A Global Re-emergence of Vaccine-Preventable Diseases

Immunization is one of the greatest discoveries in public health. Unfortunately, globally we are seeing a reemergence of vaccine- preventable diseases. Countries are facing challenges creating immunization information systems that can effectively and accurately track vaccinations.


Vaccine Hesitancy
The World Health Organization has identified vaccine hesitancy as a top threat to global health.
Fragmented Immunization Practice
Individuals are receiving vaccines from an increasing number of providers.
Migration Across Borders
Immigration creates challenges for maintaining lifelong records.

Place the individual at the centre of the system.

The digital health revolution now makes this possible.  By empowering individuals to digitally record and track their vaccinations, the immunization record travels with them and will be an accurate representation of all of the vaccinations they receive.  By connecting these individuals to hospital and government immunization systems, we can create an immunization system that better protects everyone.

The Immunization Repository of the Future

Designed to stand alone or integrate with your existing immunization information system, CANImmunize puts the public in control of their records, while giving you the tools you need for surveillance, outbreak management, and health promotion.

Digital Connections

Establish a two-way connection with the public. Push notification and email campaigns are built right into the platform.

Always Interoperable

Every instance of CANImmunize is designed to be interoperable with all other instances. That means immunization records collected in one repository can easily flow into another.

Public Reporting

CANImmunize is designed around the idea that the public will be actively engaged in the management of their own records and includes features to ensure public-reported data is high-quality before it is accepted into the repository.

Cloud Native

CANImmunize is a managed cloud service that removes the hassle of running your own repository infrastructure.

Mobile First

All CANImmunize applications are designed to be used on any size of device.

No Upgrades

A CANImmunize license gets you continuous access to the latest and greatest features of our platform, with no upgrade hassle.

Already have an immunization information system? Use CANImmunize to provide people with access to their record, collect data, and send immunization reminders.

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